Operations and Logistics.

When your ecommerce team is flying, and with peak season strains, your warehouse is busier than ever. That's a good thing; as long as picking, packing and shipping can effortlessly keep up. Overall Warehouse Rate (OWR) is still within your control.

Often, customer proposition is constrained by operational functionality, which is set by software capability. Your customer proposition should be governing how your operations work, which should be supported by flexible systems.

Ensure operational efficiency is protected and improved. Fewer touches, automated dispatching and proactive notifications and exceptions management.


Take the Sorted toolkit and build your own bespoke product. Pick 'n' mix which features and APIs you want from the 113 different, distinct functionalities you own.

SortedPRO screen Dashboards SortedPRO screen Dashboards

Nothing clunky or ugly. Our intelligent reports and dashboards are modern, beautiful and intuitive.

Load balancing might be a mythical beast but Sorted can manage cut off times, service selection and help you send the right volume with the right carrier.

Cost, work schedule and timings controlled by you; with consultancy and training throughout, and a direct line into our developers for support.

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