Our story began in 2010. Frustration in a Post Office queue inspired an idea that became an award-winning start-up, My Parcel Delivery. From there, we developed a unique delivery management platform, Electio. This led to building of more solutions, that became part of the MPD Group.

We’ve had an amazing journey so far. And it’s only going to get better. 2017 sees us evolve into Sorted Group – a brand that is as disruptive, brave and innovative as we feel.

Electio becomes SortedPRO.
Basket Hero becomes SortedHERO.
MyParcelDelivery will become MyParcelSorted.
And the exciting new Sorted App – coming soon.

Prompt, reliable deliveries, efficient communication, more choice, greater value, better conversion, higher revenues.

We are Sorted.

Our people

David Grimes

John Crowther

Graeme Couturier

Andy Hill
Sales Director

Vicky Pritchard
People Director

Andrew Kirkham
IT Director