Hello. We’re Sorted.

The evolution of Electio and the MPD Group.

Together, we put customers in control
of their deliveries.

By harnessing the power of tech we’re transforming the world of deliveries from a complex battle of logistics into a simple, seamless – and even uplifting – experience.

Our trail-blazing solutions blend innovative ideas with brilliantly designed interfaces to create a connected, global experience – with the customer at the centre of everything.

Why Sorted?

Joining the dots

Parcels need delivering. Standards need raising.

Sorted makes crucial connections between the key delivery players – customers, carriers and retailers.

Brave and agile

We push boundaries. We act fast. We constantly invest and experiment. Our experts help make your deliveries easier and more optimised.

Global reach

Sorted is used by top brands, world-wide.

Our tech scales up to give you the world. It's multilingual, has currency and time zone capability and is Black Friday proven.

Complete control

Each of the Sorted solutions is a response to the move towards mobile shopping. Putting control in the hands of those who crave it and making delivery as mobile as the way we now shop.