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Every area of retail has been transformed by the pandemic-driven, record-breaking surge in online shopping. Worldwide ecommerce sales are predicted to hit $7.4 trillion per year by 2025, so the future looks bright for ecommerce – and this forces retailers and carriers in a constant race to keep up with evolving customer expectations. With delivery experience (DX) in the spotlight more than ever, 76% of shoppers said that knowing they have a delivery arriving makes them feel happy and excited. Retailers unanimously agree that post-purchase is the area in which they can make serious ground on competitive advantage. DX makes winners, and losers.

But how do you know where to start? How do you give your customer a five star experience, from purchase, to delivery, to returns?

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Have you ever used neuroscience to get inside the mind of your customer?

You probably remember our famous Sorted Secret Shopper Report. This year we’ve dug even deeper, launching new customer journey analysis. With a twist….

We’ve mystery shopped ten huge fashion retailers, to get first-hand experience of what a typical customer journey may look like. Deep diving on the all-important post-purchase experience.

But we don’t like to do things by halves here at Sorted. We’ve enlisted an expert panel of neuroscientists, who carried out in-depth neuroscientific analysis on the brand journeys.

This one-of-a-kind research delves into the mind of your customer, and predicts the likely human response to online shopping stimuli. It’s not just DX; it’s science.


In this report, we go brain-deep and place the DX of ten leading retailers under the neuroscientific microscope. We share the findings, with actionable takeaways for you, the retailer, so you can turn inspiration into action.

  • Get introduced to neuroscience, and its value for retail.
  • Compare ten retailer scores in our unique barometer.
  • Read neuroscientific analysis on ten customer journey experiences.
  • Find out how fashion is hailed as the litmus test for the future of DX innovation.
Chapter 1

An intro to neuroscience

It’s all about brains here as we make neuroscience simple. We explain how neuroscience helps us understand what makes customers tick, and how that can be applied to retail.

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Chapter 2

Analysis, barometer and post-purchase focus

See the retailers side by side, in our unique barometer. Plus get a retailer-by-retailer summary on what our neuroscientists said about each journey, and how customers may respond. We put a particular focus on delivery and returns, as we see how DX starts before the buy button.

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Chapter 3

Action plan

Now we’ve done the science legwork, find out how you can use all this handy info to give your customers the ultimate delivery experience.

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Chapter 4

What's next

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