Delivery that creates winning ecom experiences.

Sorted helps leading retailers and brands to create winning ecommerce experiences. Our Delivery Experience Platform fixes poor delivery choice, broken customer promises and disjointed post-purchase communications to increase customer happiness, drive loyalty and support growth.

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It's in our DNA.

Our brand values underpin the Sorted culture, exist in each and every one of our people and bleed into everything we do.

Our culture.

It’s our people that underpin the Sorted brand and culture. Which is why each member of our team totally embodies our personality:


Building knowledge, prioritising, learning new skills and honing existing ones.


Trying new things, making mistakes, being decisive and having the courage of our convictions.


Acting fast, changing directions, being open to new opportunities.


Being prompt and measured, detailed and specialised. Our risks are calculated and worth taking.

Our exec team.


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