About Us


Sorted is a global SaaS company, with API first technology running frictionless online checkouts, warehouses and shipping in 12 countries around the world using services from our carrier library of thousands.

We are Sorted. We do delivery differently.

We’ve had nearly a decade of developing solutions to fix the broken carrier/retailer relationship. This has been possible with over £35m in investment to date, 99.99% up-time on our platform, over 50 carrier partnerships and over 80 Sorted experts working from our Manchester Tech House (named in the top three most inspired spaces in the North of England).

Behind-the-scenes brillance.

Our agile and data-driven approach to carrier management, shipping and delivery tracking, defies the odds when it comes to helping the retailer connect with the carrier and obliterate their customer’s expectations – from delivery options at checkout, to sorting in the warehouse, all the way to their door.


It's in our DNA.

Our brand values underpin the Sorted culture, exist in each and every one of our people and bleed into everything we do.

Keep up with next gen customers.

Their expectations need obliterating, then reinventing, then obliterating again.

There’s a constant need for rapid and drastic reinvention in the retail industry – which is both very exciting, and quite overwhelming. We understand that this need means ecommerce retailers are struggling to innovate delivery at the same rate as the growth of consumer demand.

The challenge lies in restrictive technology and disjointed departments that need to be free to run impactful, efficient and future-proof programmes. Our research found that 91% of UK shoppers make up to 10 online orders each month. The opportunity is there for the trailblazers willing to act.

Do delivery differently.

Say goodbye to the gap between what customers expect and what retailers can provide in terms of delivery experience. Delivery should blow your customers away, every time.

Are you ready?
Join our unstoppable team.

We're getting ready for global domination. Want to help us make a difference? We need smart, brave, agile and precise people across all disciplines, departments and experience levels to join