Hello. We are Sorted.

We harness the power of tech to transform the world of deliveries from a complex battle of logistics into a simple, seamless-and even uplifting-experience. It's a big claim, but its true.

Our futuristic tech wizardry sits in online checkouts, warehouses and smartphones. It's all about putting people in control of their deliveries; whether they're a retailer, a carrier or a consumer.

The truth is, there's a growing space between customer expectation and retailer reality. We call it 'the delivery experience gap'; and we create intelligent software to close it.

Basically, the delivery experience should delight every person involved.

Our team are the driving force behind everything we do. We're smart, agile, brave and precise here; you’ve never met a more passionate bunch of geeks looking to innovate delivery tech.

Crowds of leading, global retailers are ditching their boring, constrictive status quo technology and they’re joining us. If you want to hear about our innovative, enterprise SaaS delivery products, click here and join the delivery transformation.


Through clever, smart thinking, expertise and experimentation with evolving tech.


Using information and data, studying trends, monitoring and measuring behaviour, acting fast.

Collaboration.Working together, asking questions, finding specialists, listening, understanding customers.


Daring to do things differently to find better ways. Expressing opinions. Embracing mistakes as a means to progress.


Creating moments of magic. Using the element of surprise. Sharing ideas. Working with kindred spirits in other sectors/markets.