We're people

Without our team, there would be no Sorted. That’s why we put more time and money into our people than anything else. With a diverse, collaborative, growing team of people pushing to better themselves every day; we’re unstoppable.

Our priority.

With an award-winning Tech House, a benefits package like no other and a culture built by our people, it’s clear to see how the happiness, health, development and wellbeing of the Sorted Team is something we take extreme pride in.

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We help you grow.

We’ve built our very own personal development programme, which we affectionately call the ‘Getting Sorted Plan’. You work closely with your manager to discuss your career and put actions together to build and improve the most important thing; you. Whether you want to hone existing skills, or learn brand new ones.

As if by magic.

How we do what we do. This sentiment is very important to everyone within the company, no matter which team, department or location they are in.


We like to work with people who embody our brand personality traits:



Building knowledge, prioritising, learning new skills and honing existing ones.



Trying new things, making mistakes, being decisive and having the courage of our convictions.



Acting fast, changing directions, being open to new opportunities.



Being prompt and measured, detailed and specialised. Our risks are calculated and worth taking.

Meet our Execs.

Get to know the people in charge of the day-to-day, the next steps and the bigger picture.

David Grimes
Jon Crowther
Andrew Hill
Vicky Pritchard
Paul Ramsden

What our people say.

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Russell Waite, Head of Software Engineering.

Russell takes care of our tech teams, ensuring our products deliver value and stability, while pushing the boundaries of our industry.

“My favourite thing about Sorted is our potential. We are in a sector that has some massive problems that need to be solved, which is a great thing for tech minded folk. There is so much we can move into, we almost have too much opportunity.”

Reckon you're
the sorted sort?

We’re getting bigger, and learning as we grow. If you like the idea of working with a company on the verge of world domination, get in touch. We’re recruiting across all of our teams, and we’d love to hear from you.

Are you the Sorted sort?
We’d love to hear from you.

We’re getting bigger, and learning as we grow. We need smart, brave, agile and precise people across all disciplines, departments and experience levels.

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