Footwear brand steps up online offering for d2c model

On a mission to become a digitally driven business, this footwear retailer remodelled the DNA of the company – their ‘selling through catalogue’ D2C culture – to switch to online channels. Now, we’re helping them grow their international footprint.

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Client bio

As one of the largest footwear manufacturers in the UK, this brand ships over 1.5 million deliveries each year to shoppers all over the world. With 90% of new customers over the past 12 months being acquired through digital channels, they’re transforming this business back to what it was; a strong direct-to-consumer brand (but, this time, without the mail-order catalogues).

The challenges

  • Varied platforms and complex rules

The maintenance, development and complication of having different carrier integrations was expensive and demanded a lot of resource to manage the changing requirements.

  • No infrastructure in place to pivot or change

With seasonal peaks and troughs, the shift in consumer behaviour and industry disruption, the retailer needed to adapt operations to meet customer promise and expand their operations for growth – but it proved difficult.

  • Lack of delivery performance 

Teams had limited insights on carrier activity in real-time – often relying on historic data in third-party systems, making it difficult to monitor.

How Sorted helped


With access to multiple carriers through a single integration, this retailer can quickly switch services or add new delivery routes – without compromising on customer promise. Using Ship’s user-friendly dashboard, all their delivery insights are in one place and they’re able to easily keep an eye on performance.

The Results

  • Future-proofed operations & seen a 54% growth in shipment volume

The retailer benefited from seasonal success, with an impressive surge in online shipment volumes by 54% in Q1 21 vs. Q1 20. They were able to scale operations to meet customer promise, without growing pains. The team are continuing to go from strength to strength as they expand, with exciting plans to make moves into Europe and the US next.

  • Easier onboarding & integration with carriers

After a smooth onboarding process, they’re able to flex carrier services and integrate with other platforms effortlessly using more agile tech. Plus, they don’t have to rely on carriers to make changes or have the high costs to maintain multiple integrations.

  • Improved reporting

The team are able to easily access all their delivery performance, so they’re in a stronger position to find out how to improve and better serve their customers quicker.

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