Ship from store: The luxury retailer that bagged a high-end CX

With shipment volumes doubling during peak periods – and further international expansion on the cards – this luxury fashion retailer outgrew their direct carrier integration. They needed a forward-thinking delivery and carrier management partner to support and evolve with them as they grow. As part of their digital-first approach, their aim was to scale their ecommerce offering, get delivery performance measures and give customers the high-end experience they expect.

Luxury fashion

Client bio

A leading British luxury lifestyle brand. Founded over 40 years ago, they’re now an internationally recognised name selling through their own stores, ecommerce shop, third-party retailers and concessions. With a strong presence in the UK, they’re continuing to grow internationally with over 120 stores across 25 countries and a robust international digital network.

The challenges

  • No back up plan for disruption

With the pandemic, the brand faced sudden changes to customer behaviour, the closure of their high street stores, a strained central warehouse and stock trapped in shops. To add to that, the Brexit transition brought new processes, roadblocks for international exports and more risk with no option to reroute deliveries.

  • Rising online demand vs. customer promise

As more customers shop online, the brand’s operations weren’t scalable for expansion or meeting growing customer expectations.

  • Operational inefficiencies and complex carrier integrations

They had high carrier maintenance costs, too many manual processes, complex integrations and a lack of carrier data in real-time; making it difficult to adapt their operations quickly enough, or get key insights on the customer journey.

How Sorted helped


This retailer partnered with Sorted and took advantage of the single integration carrier cloud, accessing thousands of carrier services. With advanced shipping rules and real-time service availability checks, the retailer could effortlessly ship from store using Ship.


To reduce customer contacts, increase brand engagement and boost CSAT and NPS, this brand chose to use Track. By keeping customers informed with their parcel deliveries and allowing them to self-serve updates through this slick delivery tracking platform – this proactive retailer can always be one step ahead of the customer.

The Results

  • Seen 102% growth in shipment volume with improved flexibility, scalability and reliability

By easily pivoting carrier services for disruption and peak trading, they’ve had seasonal promotion success and seen a 102% growth of shipment volume in Q4 vs. Q2 2020.

  • Plans to expand their delivery offering

The retailer has further plans to introduce more parcel delivery options, grow into new international markets and implement Track for branded delivery tracking.

  • Successfully rolled out the ship from store proposition

This initiative was especially useful during the pandemic to utilise stock trapped in stores to fulfil online demand. Now, they’re planning to introduce ship from store internationally too.

  • Optimised cost to serve and CX

Using smart shipment allocation rules, this retailer saw a reduction in costs and an increase in customer promises met.

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