Meet the Sorted REACT team

July 16, 2020

Getting to know the newbies, or just getting to know old team mates better…

Our Meet the Team boards have been regularly shared on Slack during lockdown, and it’s proven a good substitution to the idle fact-finding that inevitably happens at the office brew point.

Here, we share the Meet the Team profile of our unstoppable REACT product team.

SortedREACT is a parcel tracking platform for huge global retailers; it aggregates delivery information from different carrier systems and streamlines delivery issue management, to make it easy for customer service teams to handle customer enquiries and making it a smoother, more branded experience for customers excited to receive their parcel.
Our REACT experts work alongside our carrier partners, clients and internal teams to plan, build and maintain the market-leading platform. Here’s a bit more about them…



Product Manager.

A bit about me:

I love to play tennis.


I work very closely with Sales, Marketing, Carrier Team, Clients and the REACT dev team. A key part of my role is to define the strategy, roadmap and features. To help me do this I spend time understanding our client’s problems so we can build the right features at the right time, monitoring the market and our competitors, gathering feedback & analysing the usage.



Senior Developer.

A bit about me:

I quite like doing DIY and odd jobs around the house. I’ll attempt any project after watching a YouTube video, finished results often vary though.


I recently became the REACT line manager. I’ve worked on linking PRO customer data to REACT. There’s also loads of planned features for REACT that we want to prioritise, plus a lot of unseen enhancements needed to support these new features. So, I provide the technical guidance to help Kerry decide timescales.

Andrew M.


A bit about me:

I once played video games for 24 hours for charity.


I help design and develop features for REACT. I also sometimes write specs for those features. A typical day for me involves wrangling code and wondering if I am just being stubborn by not using ReSharper.



Senior Developer.

A bit about me:

I like learning new technologies. I love spending time with my family. I love playing squash.


I’ve only just joined Sorted and the REACT team. I’m starting off by getting involved in shipment tracking work mainly. I’m really excited to learn more.

As we continue to grow – and onboard remotely during in lockdown – we’ve seen nearly 20 new faces (virtually, of course) join us over the past few months. And, we’re on the hunt for even more Sorted sorts.

So, if you’re a brilliant BA or a Front End Dev looking for a new challenge – we’d love to have a chat with you. Click here to see our job openings.