FAQS for Sorted customers.

Clicksit are now part of Sorted Group Ltd.  Below, you will find a series of commonly asked questions, of course, if you want to reach out directly just get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you get the answers you need.

How will this affect our experience as Sorted customers?

It’s business as usual! The acquisition won’t affect any of your day-to-day operations in the short term. Over the coming months, Sorted customers will benefit from a full returns management solution as part of Sorted’s Delivery Experience Platform.

Of course, if you’re a retailer that uses Shopify or Big Commerce, you’re welcome to try Clicksit through those channels.

When can we see a demo or try it out?

We’ll be contacting all of our interested customers and holding personalised sessions in the near future. These sessions will showcase Clicksit’s current capability, and help us work together to understand your future requirements to inform our roadmap planning.

What size retailers can have access to Clicksit?

Clicksit currently serves over 1,000 ecommerce retailers in the UK and the US; a number made up of brands of all sizes and specialisms. Historically, Clicksit’s core target market has been predominantly SMBs – but we’re excited to speak to our existing customers, who we’ll contact in the near future, to showcase Clicksit and understand requirements.

How much does Clicksit cost?

All the current pricing packages can be found on the Clicksit Shopify and BigCommerce stores – starting with free options, up to premium features.

If I decide to try Clicksit out on Shopify or BigCommerce, who do I contact with questions?

All Clicksit communication channels are listed on both the Shopify and BigCommerce stores.

Will there be any changes to where and how my data is handled?

There will be no changes to our current data policies or storage as a result of the acquisition. Should you wish to try Clicksit you can find the current returns management policies on either the Shopify or BigCommerce stores.

What will become of Clicksit's previous owner and team?

We are pleased to confirm the Clicksit team are currently being integrated into Sorted, with Clicksit’s CEO Thomas Hill taking a leading role in Sorted’s product team as Product Director – Returns.

What is the legal name of the new entity? What will happen to the Clicksit and Sorted brands?

The name ‘Clicksit’ will continue to be used as the legal entity for Clicksit for the time being, with Sorted Group Ltd as the parent company.

How will the ecommerce community benefit from this acquisition?

Post-purchase experience is more important than ever, and it’s a critical step in the customer journey. Sorted’s plans for its Delivery Experience Platform will allow retailers and brands of all sizes to benefit from enterprise grade technology and create winning ecommerce experiences at every touchpoint – a first for the industry.

If I'm a third-party logistics provider… How will we offer returns management to our customers?

We’ll be contacting all of our interested partners and holding personalised sessions in the near future. These sessions will demonstrate Clicksit’s current capability, and help us work together on understanding your requirements for your customers.