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SortedPRO is the reliable DC operations dashboard. API first and SaaS based, with scalable, single-integration carrier cloud, consignment allocation and label printing. Liberating you from IT constraints, making your logistics easier and more efficient.

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Some key features…

Automatic rules-based carrier allocation.

Self-service rates management.

Carrier compatible shipping labels.

Real-time service availability checks.

24/7 support.

DIY API toolkit.

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We chose SortedPRO due to the agility of the technology and speed of integration. It has simplified the management of our returns and enabled measurement of the returns process. All of which is greatly enhancing the customer experience.

Brett Young,
Missguided Operations Director

Carrier's best friend.

With no monolithic legacy carrier library to maintain, we connect retailers to the most in-demand global carriers in the market.

Tailored to you

Niche carrier? No problem. We can work with you to integrate any carriers we might not already know.


Ready for the world

No ambiguity or complex set-up for global, multi-carrier labels or customs docs.

Ease your budgets and costings

Carrier costs are translated, layered and simplified - so lose the calculator and complex spreadsheets.

Scalability, flexibility, agility.

Delivery offering and customer experience should never be restricted by your warehouse operational capability. Get growing, without restrictions from your software.

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One-click carrier management

Adding or changing carrier services doesn’t have to be your responsibility, or expensive or slow.

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Tried and tested

PRO Is Peak proven, reliable and solid under volume fluctuations.

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Handle your own change

We don’t want you to work our way, we work to yours.

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You’ve onboarded your last carrier.

Pure SaaS, with lightweight installation and full support from our expert techies.

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Lego-like build

Our API toolkit allows you to build your own solution from our suite of 113 different APIs.

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Connecting warehouse and checkout

SortedHERO is a module of SortedPRO, meaning frictionless collaboration between business areas.

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Cross-client benefits

Continuous improvement and fast development of our single version of code means an upgrade for one client is a change for all.

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Light-touch, but robust

No heavy maintenance for shipments, with rules-based automated consignment allocation.

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Beautiful, intuitive UI

Putting your world in one place – from state management to exceptions and reporting.

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One-stop dashboard.

Put your warehouse world in one place, with mobile-ready management off all operations and admin.

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