Working at Sorted

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Our mission

Creating confidence in every delivery, every time.

Our values

Our approach to fair and equitable pay

The Why

One of our values is “We are Transparent”, it’s something we value and rely on to achieve our goals.

We want to be open and transparent about how we pay our people.

  • It’s all about transparency for candidates and employees. We don’t offer a lower salary to someone based on their current salary or expectations; we have salary bands to make sure candidates have an idea of what they could be earning at Sorted with the experience they have.
  • People at Sorted know how much they can expect to earn, either now or later, as they progress.
  • It helps us remain competitive compared to our competitors. It also helps us to budget and forecast more accurately.
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The 'how'

Job family
This is the function a role is a part of, often discernible by the department or team the role falls into.

Your level is determined by how senior and experienced you are in your role. To define expectations at each level, we use role-agnostic criteria so that we can map the whole organisation. Therefore, you won’t see specific functional skills related to each role.

We are a remote-first company, with offices in both London and Manchester. With this in mind, our salary benchmarks are based on a ‘whole of UK’ view to cover all regions.

Data sources
We leverage a diverse range of quantitative and qualitative inputs to help us understand what is considered ‘competitive’ for each role within our organisation.

1) Option Impact – this is our core external source. Option Impact is an online compensation comparison tool with specific focus on venture-backed companies in the tech industry. Includes compensation data from over 3,000 startups.
2) Local, role-specific recruitment surveys – specialist recruiters who have in-depth knowledge of local markets.
3) Bespoke platforms – We also use other platforms analysing the current job market to establish current rates of pay and demands per role.

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Our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are our foundations to success.

Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. We believe the more inclusive we are, the better our work will be. We commit to ensuring there is an equitable playing field and promote empowerment so everyone can be their authentic self.

What’s it like working at Sorted?

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