Shipping locally, delivering globally: luxury marketplace saves over a million pounds

With a growing web of luxury independent boutiques all around the world, a marketplace-based model means operating a complex, multi-location shipping operation… meet the retailer who nailed it.

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Client bio

As a luxury fashion platform, this retailer has been growing for over ten years – connecting customers with thousands of brands, department stores and independent boutiques from all over the world.

The challenges

  • Requirement to ‘ship from anywhere’ 

Huge warehouses, city centre department stores, trendy back-alley boutiques – with products shipping from multiple locations in multiple countries, efficiency and agility was a behemoth task.

  • Tech capability built entirely in house

Momentous growth was achieved with tech that was completely home grown, built in house. The next stage of the journey needed partnership collaboration, but using a third party supplier was a big business decision – and it had to be the right one.

  • Carrier diversification

Offering the customer more meant expanding their carrier offering but, with one-to-one carrier integration, that takes a lot of time, money and resource.

How Sorted helped


This retailer partnered with Sorted and took advantage of the single integration carrier cloud, accessing thousands of carrier services. With advanced shipping rules and real-time service availability checks, the retailer can effortlessly ship from anywhere using SortedPRO.

The Results

  • Over a million pounds saved on carrier contracts

This retailer managed to make huge savings on their annual carrier contracts, due to new negotiation power. Having more options for carrier services means being able to choose the right carrier at the right time from a wide range of on-platform options.

  • Flexible, agile, scalable shipping operations

Each store location has become a mini DC, with full connection to the rest of the network and the ability to pick and post parcels directly to customers – setting up for seamless growth and expansion.

  • Ease of carrier onboarding increased

SortedPRO boasts a single integration carrier cloud, so the retailer has access to all carriers and services – which can be activated with little to no IT input.

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