Reduce WISMO & take the pressure off your contact center

Here’s how self-serve shipment tracking, automated delivery communications and proactive alerting can help you decrease customer contacts.

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WISMO (where is my order) or WISMR (where is my return) inquiries might just be the contact center’s biggest headache. Plus, with the cost to resolve each contact sometimes sitting between $6 and $10, it’s an expensive problem too

Empower your customers with self-serve tracking

Give your customers access to tracking on branded pages or embed tracking directly in your app or website so they can access the delivery or returns updates they need, whenever they want to. With Sorted, branded tracking pages handle multi-shipment tracking with ease so no matter where your customers’ order is being fulfilled from, they’ll have all the info they need in one place.

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Deflect customer contacts with automated communications

Keep your customers informed every step of the way by setting up automated delivery or returns communications. Use our on-platform email partners or choose webhooks or APIs to send updates from your own communication platforms. Sorted’s flexible shipment filters give you granular control over when your updates are triggered.

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music Magpie

Learn how Music Magpie use automated communications across their customer journey and reduced WISMO by 63%. Read the customer story

Get alerted before your customers ever realize there’s an issue

Handle issues proactively, warnings such as ‘is late’ or ‘may be missing’ allow you to take immediate action even when the carrier hasn’t passed over an update. With Sorted, you can drill into any shipment to find out exactly where it is in it’s journey and assess issues by severity. So, whether you want to automate communications that let your customers know there’s been a delay before they feel the need to contact your customer service teams, or even set-up a refund for the delivery cost of late orders to keep your CX high – you’ve got the data you need.

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See how leading retailers and brands are using post-purchase tracking software to reduce WISMO and take the pressure off their contact centers

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