Want to change an industry?

Sorted is a powerful, positive word that reflects our mission, our efficiency and of course our people.

We only recruit a certain sort, here. We're looking to fill our house with a diverse mix of experts with four things in common: they've got to be brave, smart, agile and precise. That's what we call our sort.

These personality traits are in each and every one of us. They help us try new things and work together to achieve big dreams. They make us who we are.


Smart.We're thinking do-ers. We put our heads together to build knowledge. We prioritise. We keep ahead of the game by learning new skills and honing existing ones.


Agile.We can act fast and change direction. We respond to changing demands and the fast pace of technological advancements. We're open to new opportunities.


Brave.We'll try new things. We're not scared of making mistakes. We're decisive. We have the courage of our convictions.


Precise.We're prompt. We're measured. We're thorough, we're detailed, we're experts, we're specialists. Our risks are calculated - they're worth taking.

Have you got what it takes?

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