Join Shaun Weston from Sorted as he sits down with Pavlo Zheldak, chief delivery officer at Acropolium, to delve into the transformative impact of cloud computing on logistics and supply chain management. Discover how decentralisation, real-time data and cost-effective strategies are not just buzzwords but real benefits that could revolutionise how we manage routes, inventory and scalability in response to demand.

We’ll tackle the challenges too – from fitting cloud solutions to specific business models to navigating data security concerns. Plus, don’t miss out on practical, actionable tips that could elevate your logistics operations. Please enjoy the show!



  • Cloud computing enables decentralisation and real-time data accessibility in logistics and supply chain management.
  • It offers cost-effective solutions for optimising route planning and inventory management.
  • Cloud computing promotes sustainability by reducing empty truck runs and providing green computing options.
  • Businesses should carefully assess if cloud computing is the right fit for their operations and consider partnering with experienced providers.
  • Data-driven decision-making and artificial intelligence are key benefits of cloud computing in logistics.
  • Exploring green cloud computing options can contribute to environmental sustainability in the industry.

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