In this episode of The Post-Purchase Podcast, join Shaun Weston and Dan Greenall from Sorted as they dive deep into the world of ecommerce with a candid conversation about the all-too-familiar question every online shopper has asked: “Where is my order?” (WISMO). It’s more than just a question – it’s a pivotal moment that can define the success and growth of any ecommerce business.

Show notes

As they navigate through the bustling, crowded markets of today’s retail world, Shaun and Dan shed light on the remarkable challenges retailers face in standing out. They share insider knowledge on the game-changing power of personalisation – not just as a buzzword, but as a true differentiator that can make or break customer engagement.

But how do you personalise a delivery experience? Our hosts don’t just pose the question; they dive into the role of cutting-edge technology that’s making it possible. They discuss the critical importance of weaving together shipment data and carrier tracking events into a coherent narrative that retailers can use to delight their customers.

The conversation doesn’t shy away from the nitty-gritty, either. Shaun and Dan tackle the tough challenges of data integration head-on, revealing the transformative power of platforms that turn mundane tracking events into meaningful, engaging stories for customers.

And for the finale? A forward-looking discussion on “navigating the unhappy path” – those moments when things don’t go as planned. Our hosts explore how retailers can harness the power of customer data not just to react, but to be proactive in their communications, turning potential disappointments into opportunities for positive engagement and growth.

Tune in for an enlightening journey through the challenges and triumphs of ecommerce, and come away with actionable insights that could redefine how you think about delivery, customer satisfaction and growth in the digital age.


  • WISMO (“Where is my order?”) is a hot topic for retailers, especially during peak seasons.
  • Personalisation can be a great differentiator in crowded markets.
  • Technology plays a crucial role in enabling a personalised delivery experience.
  • Retailers need to integrate shipment data and carrier tracking events to provide accurate and timely information to customers.
  • Platforms that convert tracking events into meaningful information are essential for effective communication.
  • Retailers are still exploring how to navigate the unhappy path and use proactive communications to address WISMO issues.
  • The future of personalisation and customer data in retail is promising.

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