Our team will be in touch shortly to confirm your eligibility and get you up and running.

The process.

1) We’ll jump on a demo with you and work through some discovery questions to determine your use case(s).

2) We’ll mutually agree the success criteria for the trial.

3) You’ll enter a 10-day set-up period.

4) We’ll test everything to make sure it works and agree the trial start point.

5) You enter the 60-day trial, and we’ll have regular check-ins to measure the progress against the success criteria we agreed.

You make the final decision.

Friendly staff on offer to help

The timeline.

You’ll get a walkthrough of the product, deep dive into your challenge areas and prioritise your use cases.
We’ll then work with you to define and agree your success criteria.
10 day set-up and testing period.

You’ll get a session with our Pre-Sales team to capture your carriers, users and walk-through templates.

 We’ll ensure your users are able to use the trial package and commit to a go live point.
Your 60 day trial begins.

We’ll schedule weekly meetings with you, and we’ll help you track progress against the agreed success criteria.

We’ll both share the metrics we’ve collected and then we will help you to evaluate your business case to purchase SortedREACT.

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