Healthy food box brand gets in shape for growth.

April 19, 2021

Healthy food box brand gets in shape for growth.

With ambitious plans to increase the availability and convenience of healthy food, this food box subscription brand needed a robust delivery experience partner to support their exciting journey to growth. On their radar, they sought to simplify carrier integration and add more carriers to their delivery offering to scale their operations.

Healthy food cusine

Client bio.

Shipping over 600,000 parcels per year – and this figure doubling over 12 months – customers can’t get enough of this sustainable health-focused food box subscription brand. Since their launch in 2015, they’ve shipped millions of ingredients from small farms across the UK to delight customers with thousands of delicious meals every week.

The challenges.

  • Laborious & complex operational processes costing big bucks

Maintaining integrations, adding new carriers and manual processes such as label generation were weighing the team down. And this meant they were paying over the odds on costs too.

  • Growing customer demand & scalability 

The meal kit delivery and subscription market is booming, but keeping up with competitors, more consumer demand and maintaining CX at the same time wasn’t easy.

  • Lack of visibility of the customer journey

The team had limited access to real-time third-party data across the post-purchase journey – they struggled to get a view on carrier performance, and they lacked the key insights needed to seamlessly support customers with delivery.

How Sorted helped.


Using SortedPRO, this retailer got in the driver’s seat when it comes to flexing operations to meet online demand. With all their carrier services in one central hub, they can switch or add new services quickly to keep customer promise and mitigate risk.


This retailer partnered with Sorted to own the customer journey from end-to-end. With delivery insights at their fingertips, this retailer is using SortedREACT to proactively update customers on delivery progress, with branded comms and notifications.

The Results.

  • Increased growth

With robust tech in place, the retailer was able to adapt and scale their operations quickly; maintaining CX and keeping promises, despite disruption in 2020. They’ve seen a huge 247% growth in shipment volumes from Q1 2020 to Q1 2021.

  • Full ownership of the delivery experience end-to-end

Now the retailer has a fully connected customer journey, they have more flexibility and control. Using automation, they’re empowering teams and customers with the right insights, at the right time. Looking to the future, the retailer has exciting plans to build the platform out further to implement delivery tracking and proactive updates into their app too.

  • Simpler integration & boosted efficiencies 

Using a single integration carrier cloud, high maintenance costs are out the window and they’ve reduced cost to serve with more automation. The retailer can easily reroute deliveries and react quickly to disruption without putting pressure on IT or customer facing teams – so risk is minimised. Plus, they’re expanding their delivery proposition to give customers more choice.

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