Get Actionable Delivery Performance Data & Insight

Here’s how customer service friendly dashboards, carrier performance data and webhooks can help you act before your customers even realise there’s an issue.

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Only 12% of the UK’s top 100 retailers believe they’re realising the full value of their data, and delivery and carrier performance is frequently a critical gap for logistics and customer service teams (TLT).

Empower your customer service teams to be proactive

Take action, before your customers even realise there’s an issue – with escalation management that significantly reduces WISMO and improves your NPS scores. With Sorted, you get warnings such as ‘is late’ or ‘may be missing’, as well as access to all your live delivery or returns status updates on a CS-friendly dashboard that highlights issues by severity.

Sorted Track dashboard

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In the instances where customers do get in touch with questions, agents are armed with the insight they need to respond in a quicker and more efficient way; with a dashboard putting delivery tracking and exceptions info, from multiple carriers, in one place. Read the customer story.

Monitor performance across all your carriers

Protect your customer promise with Sorted’s advanced performance reporting, and monitor carrier performance and delivery experience over time. That includes customer promise success rates, and whether parcels were delivered early, on time or after the promise date. You’ll be prepped and ready to go for your carrier SLA conversations and contract negotiations.

PowerBI dashboard

Connect your data with the right tools

Make sure your teams always have the delivery or returns tracking data they need. With Sorted, it’s easy to pass data to your other systems via webhooks, and flexible shipment filters give you full control as to when updates are triggered. Plus, if you prefer to export your data you can, with one click-data exports.

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We’re delighted to be the first supermarket fashion brand to implement this software, which will make it even easier
for our customers to shop with us. Read the customer story.

Neil Drake,
Senior Manager for Parcel Service and Format Development at Asda

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