Ever wonder why some shopping experiences feel like they’re tailored just for you? Join Shaun Weston and Dan Greenall in the latest episode of The Sorted Post-Purchase Podcast, where we dive into the magic of personalisation in retail. It’s not just about using customer data. It’s about transforming your shopping experience from mundane to marvellous!

From data-driven decisions to revolutionising your retail journey, we’re unpacking how knowing your customers better can mean delivering joy right to their doorsteps. Think bespoke delivery experiences, personalised communication that makes you feel seen, and marketing moments that hit just right.

Whether you’re a retailer looking to elevate your game, or a shopper curious about the future of your online carts, this episode promises insights and maybe even a few “aha!” moments about the value of personalisation in making the post-purchase journey unforgettable.

Tune in to discover how leveraging customer data isn’t just changing the game – it’s creating a whole new playing field.


  • Customer data and data-driven decision-making are pivotal for retailers to revolutionise the retail experience.
  • Customer data can be leveraged to improve the delivery experience, personalised communication and tracking.
  • Personalised communication and tracking create marketing moments and lead to higher engagement and open rates.
  • Measuring the effectiveness of personalisation is crucial for retailers to optimise their strategies.

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