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Drive digital and brand engagement.

Although all retailers (and their customers) are different, many post-purchase challenges are the same – particularly relating to driving digital and brand engagement.

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Post-purchase and delivery is the final piece of the customer journey puzzle, and is the most important touchpoint for influencing satisfaction and loyalty.

Here, strong and powerful digital customer experiences drive brand trust as well as advocacy, retaining existing customers and ultimately attracting new ones.

Increase digital engagement, drive customer loyalty, create upsell opportunities.

Create customer experiences that attract new customers and keep them coming back time and time again with delivery and returns tracking.

Are you struggling to get customers to use your app?

Have you thought about using tracking as a hook for driving app engagement? If your app doesn’t give your customers delivery tracking information, quite frankly, it’s a real turn off. Not only could it be throwing their time and energy towards unnecessary calls into customer service (CS) teams; worse still, it’s zapping their trust in your brand.

It’s an easy imperfection to correct (that’s if you’d prefer to keep your customers on your app or website, and loving your brand) and not half as complicated as you’d expect. In fact, it’s really quite simple.

You can change this behaviour, drive app adoption and keep customers sticky by integrating embeddable tracking APIs, which mean your customers are directed to a branded tracking timeline that works across any device.

Not only do these tracking timelines satisfy customer need, they’ve been shown to boost mobile click through rate by as much as 83% (which is not an insignificant metric, we think you’ll agree).

The fact of the matter is, if you’re pushing customers to track deliveries and returns in your app and on your website, you’re moving them away from third parties. Owning your customer experience, and ultimately your customer data, is invaluable.


Are you losing customers because they’re not being informed of delivery or returns progress?.

Managing expectations. That age-old favourite. Keeping people informed.

The contemporary customer has exceedingly high expectations. A recent survey from IMRG found that a whopping 82% of consumers want retailers to provide package tracking. So it’s not even a ‘nice to have’; much like running water and superb WiFi, it’s now just basic hygiene.

Keeping people informed doesn’t mean hiring more customer service or marketing bods. It also doesn’t mean expensive development of your own internal IT teams or systems. Our good friend the embeddable tracking API can really help you here.

Embeddable tracking APIs meet the challenge by pulling tracking information into your app or website. That means you are, once again, more likely to keep your customers in your own real estate – and that’s known to lead to increased CSAT and NPS scores, as well as boosted brand engagement.

Customer story.

3PL saw a 1.2 point rise in NPS when they took control of their delivery tracking and customer service comms…

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Moreover, those ‘where is my order’ (WISMO) customer contacts that have phones ringing and inboxes pinging, are all but wiped out. Proactive outbound communication means customers are always in the loop, and are kept informed or can self-serve tracking. And if the worst does happen, at least your customer service team have the insight at hand to see it! Phew.


Do you have poor visibility of user behaviour?

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. Enough of the clichés?

It’s an unpalatable truth – if you can’t see how your users engage with your app or website, you won’t know what they like and what they don’t. How will you ever be able to adapt to changing customer needs, keep one step ahead of your competition and create that much sought after, awe-inspiring user experience.

Post-purchase tracking software that gives access to deep customer insight is so important, and a really critical function for building brand. And what’s more, your friends in the finance team can rely on you to help use these critical insights for building effective growth strategies based on retention not attrition. Bonus points all round.

Sometimes though, you need to hear it from the horse’s mouth. As well as reporting, post-purchase tracking software can provide insights that effectively input into company-wide voice of the customer programmes.

And, if you’re using in-app or live chat CS tools, embeddable tracking APIs allow you to keep your customers within your brand, driving further app adoption and digital engagement, while ensuring your feedback and tracking remain aligned.


Personalise your post-purchase journey.

Keep your customers on your app or website (and immersed in your brand) with customisable, fully-branded tracking pages and in-built communications and notifications.


Are your customers moving away from your brand and using third-party tracking and comms?.

There’s no other choice, if carriers are providing a better, or the only, delivery tracking offering. But here’s an opportunity for a fully connected delivery experience.

Post-purchase tracking software lets you own your tracking pages with just a few clicks to customise (no IT resource required). With completely customisable shipment states, you keep your customers in your brand, moving them away from the carriers and into your own language and tone of voice for a 5* customer delivery experience.

Easy to customise, quick to set up, and you can create as many as needed (with the added bonus of being able to personalise ads or offers to different customer segments)Your sales team will be thanking you for the increased upselling, your customer service team will be thanking you for the reduced contacts… and even your IT team will be thanking you for freeing up time by making tracking pages simple.

You can also send branded communications and notifications in the form of SMS or email updates, trigger app push notifications, or simply integrate with your preferred communications channels.

For optimum response speed, webhooks can trigger communications in real-time, ensuring your customers know every stage of their delivery’s progress in the most timely way possible via their communication channel of choice.


Are customer complaints and WISMO contacts piling up because customers aren’t being kept up to date?

According to the Royal Mail and IMRG, over 80% of customers today say that not only is tracking important – but they also expect it to come from the seller.

At the point an item is paid for, they want certainty around its whereabouts. It comes back to managing expectations. And lack of quality communication, paired with no self-serve tracking, means there’s only one way for customers to get their updates. And that’s what stretches your CS team.

This is where proactive communications come in; informing customers of delivery status changes means they’re always in the loop. Plus, post-purchase tracking software provides your customers with a device-agnostic tracking timeline and customisable tracking pages, so you’re always pushing customers to engage with your brand further. The pages handle multi-parcel tracking, can be set up in minutes with no coding and are available to use from your own domain.

As the WISMO contacts decrease, increases across NPS, CSAT and other metrics can be measured with straightforward reporting suites.

Are you desperate to keep customers fully immersed and engaged with your brand throughout the post-purchase journey?.

You’ve done the first bit – arguably the hardest part – really well. You’ve attracted someone to your site, you’ve successfully sold them a product.

It’s a shame to wave that customer off into the sunset and hand them off to another brand. You’ve lost the final piece of jigsaw and created a disjointed a customer journey in the process.

That’s bad news for you. And can be worse for your customer; piecing together confusing carrier-branded updates. It slowly dilutes all that great work you’ve invested at the beginning of the journey and erodes the connection with your brand.

By keeping your customers immersed in retailer branded journeys – from visual identity, a recognisable tone of voice and seamless continuation of the purchase experience they started when they landed on your site – you own the full customer journey.

Don’t take our word for it though – four in five customers say tracking is important to them, and they actually expect it to come from the seller. Couple that expectation with the cold hard fact that it’s five times more expensive to attract new customers than retain or win repeat business, why wouldn’t you want to instil more brand loyalty.

A fully connected delivery experience.

If you’re looking to create a post-purchase experience that drives digital and brand engagement, you’re looking for REACT.

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