Sorted Returns Center payment changes

November 2023

Important: Update your payment details to continue accessing labels

As of Wednesday 6th of December 2023, labels are no longer available through the Sorted Returns Center Shopify app until payment information is updated. If you have not upgraded to the Maxio payment process, and you would like to continue accessing carrier labels through the Sorted Returns Center, please read the following information carefully and take action now.

As you know, we’re always looking to improve the Sorted Returns Center, with customer experience at the centre of our planning.

We’ve changed the way you pay your Sorted Returns Center and label fees. This is to give you better access to your invoices, payment information and account activity.

If your payment information has not been updated, labels will no longer be available through the Sorted Returns Center Shopify app until you have updated your payment details.

What is the change?

Since the 6th of December 2023, label costs are no longer processed through GoCardless and Zoho. Instead, Zoho has been replaced with Maxio (for invoice processing and management) and GoCardless has been replaced with Braintree (for payment processing – meaning a change to the name you see on your bank statements).

Your subscription fees remain unaffected and will continue to be charged through Shopify, as per the current process.

Following our previous communications and banner messages in the app ahead of the deadline on 6th of December 2023, carrier labels are now inaccessible for any users of the Sorted Returns Center Shopify app who haven’t created a Maxio account to update their payment information.

This means end customers/consumers won’t be able to call for a label using portals powered by the Sorted Returns Center. If you no longer wish to access carrier labels through the Sorted Returns Center, we recommend that you ensure your customer-facing returns portal does not include a link to the Sorted Returns Center.

What action do I need to take to update my payment details?

If you wish to continue using the Sorted Returns Center, you are required to set up your payment details within Maxio.

Here’s a brief, step-by-step guide on how to update your account:

1) Log in to the Sorted Returns Center Shopify app, go to the ‘settings’ section on your account.

2) Check the email address linked to your account is correct and up to date.

3) Click ‘set up new payment method’.

4) Follow the simple instructions provided through the Maxio platform to complete the speedy set up. (Please note: American Express cards are not accepted, apologies for any inconvenience.)

Here’s a short video to help explain further.

Sorted Return - set up payment method

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Why is the change being made?

Customers asked for transparency, so we delivered.

By switching to Maxio, you can access and manage your invoices throughout the month; allowing you to check in on account activity and charges, whilst also having access to historical invoices dating back to the moment you open your Maxio account.

And that’s it! Once the quick set up has been completed, labels are accessible, you will see your future invoices via Maxio and your future payments processed by Braintree.

We’re on hand and happy to help, so please do get in touch with us (via ) should you have any questions at all.